Where the heck is he?

Last Saturday, Bradley (my pitbull grand-dog) and I headed off for a quick walk. My husband Russ was to meet us with the truck about the time we arrived at our destination – in about 15 minutes. Brad is elderly and docile, but maybe scary looking to others. He would rest in the truck while Russ and I enjoyed a fair at our community library.

The dog and I arrived at the library but there was NO SIGN OF RUSS…

Finally, when Russ did show up, the expression on his face said “don’t even ask!” But he DID tell without even being asked – he had an “eventful” morning!

As soon as Brad and I had left, Russ raced back to the bathroom to take care of a surprise digestive event – but Russ hadn’t quite made it in time. This required some major cleanup, starting a load of laundry, a shower, and a change of clothes!

[Imagine our bathroom in the midst of a prolonged/stalled/already painful remodel…]

Russ was in the tub enjoying a shower when something (a long nasty screw from the ancient shower knob) pierced through the heel of his foot. Startled by this “surprise,” he leapt out of the tub, through the shower curtain, onto a box of ceramic tile waiting to be installed, then he slipped, twisted and landed into a crate full of various shampoos, soaps, and cleansers which spilled all over the place, making even more of a mess. As the water and spillage on the floor started turning pink from his blood, Russ felt relieved that he hadn’t hit his head, only to be found later expired in this confusion.

Russ is now motivated to move on with the bathroom remodel ASAP, but is thinking of installing all soft rubber flooring and fixtures! Like those soft toilet seats, but all over.

Note: thanks to Russ for supplying the event and permission to write about it!


6 responses to “Where the heck is he?

  1. Cathy, this is great. So glad to find another blogger on the island. This could become a movement. You are on my blog roll.

  2. Don’t tell russ who reads this.

    • tee hee 😉

      It’s so great that Russ can laugh at himself, isn’t it?! I think it would have taken me a WHILE to get over an incident like this!

  3. Oh my, I don’t know if it’s appropriate to (giggle) laugh or cry … or both.

    The fly on the wall must have had a fit.

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