Gardening as an Xtreme sport?

I’ve been enjoying the two huge brown piles in my driveway – one of compost, one of lovely dirt.  Eleven cubic yards!!  My neighbors walk by and lust over it!   Each year we order this rich beautiful, and somewhat expensive stuff.  My gardens slurp up the nutrients.  The weeding and edging become easier every year.  And we don’t need to water much, even when it’s hot, because the compost soaks up and retains moisture better than anything I’ve seen.

I’ve been carting around bucket loads for at least a week now and still the mounds are there.  They have shrunk to about half their original size.  I found myself racing  to catch up with the full cart heading down our hilly lawn.  Each day I must have gone back and forth at least 20-30 times.   All tolled I’ve done about 6 hours of daily marathon gardening.

Yesterday I went out to resume my attack with shovel and cart – BUT I just was too winded.  I found walking around the yard was almost too much for me.  I could hardly push our lawn mower up our little ramp. 

Russ pointed out to me that “even athletes need to take a day off to recuperate.”  Could it be that I’m a “gardening athlete!?”  Yes, I’m sure that’s it! 

But Russ had me take an aspirin, just in case I was on the verge of a heart attack!  My energy is back today, but the weather isn’t to my liking so I’ll be giving it a rest again.


4 responses to “Gardening as an Xtreme sport?

  1. Okay, I’m sold. Noxt year I’m getting a pile like that.

    Nicely written, by the way. I really like your blog, Cathy.

    • Thanks Anne! I didn’t mention it, but I’ve also gone down 2 clothes sizes doing all this gardening!! That along with the Mediterranean diet, I’ve lost 17 lbs!

  2. Im sure you feel free expressing yourself. I hope you know your sharing is good for us who read it. We are not voyerists but vicarious partners in your experience.

    • I’m glad you enjoy the sharing! I guess that’s what the intent of bloggin is – say hi and send my love to lki for me!

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