Okey-Dokey Artichokey

Hey we never grew them before.  And we thought we’d killed these two plants until we replanted them.  Loved that rich new dirt of ours! 

Here’s our first one we picked for dinner !!  I couldn’t get a picture of it while we were eating cause my fingers were all buttery!  mmmmmm!

Summer 2009 Artichoke - OUR FIRST!

Summer 2009 Artichoke - OUR FIRST!


3 responses to “Okey-Dokey Artichokey

  1. I can’t stand to pick them. I let them bloom; they are so amazing.

    How many did you get?

  2. We’ve only picked 2 so far. There must be 8-10 more little chokies out there. I’m not sure they’ll have enough time to get big and bloom or be eaten. I agree the blooms are fabulous – and I really like the plants too. Such a nice contrast to all the bright green, with their dusty feathery leaves. I had no idea that they got so HUGE!!

  3. Well, excuse me, but since I snipped off one, then another, several more little artichokies have been popping out! I’m not sure how many. BUT, I think it’s a good thing to cut off the first one or two that ripen, then you will have a LOT more – you decide: to eat or to let bloom!!!

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