Autumn Vacation Time

It’s time to head to New York.  I’ll be seeing my sister Janet in the Catskills, then we’re taking the train to see our cousin Susan right up by Canada, then heading to Philadelphia for a few days.  I’ve never been to Phili!  I’ve never been to Susan’s.  I’ve never met her husband Ron nor her dogs! 

Almost as soon as I return, I will head to Northern California to see my best friends Susie, Sue and Pat!  Maybe more!  And experience ZUMBA for the first time, too!

As  my blogging island friend Anne says, that is lots of blogging material.  So stay tuned!   I’ll be back mid-October.  No laptops coming along for the ride!  I check in with you when I return.


2 responses to “Autumn Vacation Time

  1. Hi Cathy! In theory, you won’t read this until you get back … so I hope you and Russ have a wonderful time. Rock on with the “Zumba” class … you know I was a student in Miami before he called it “Zumba” … I’m even certified (in Zumba, not to be confused with my “certifyability”). Looking forward to hearing all about this latest adventure. Love ya!

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