Spring Fever?

Usually with the NEW year, I get a little burst of energy – enough to help me actually gain momentum on some of those inevitable resolutions.  But this year it is so much MORE pronounced!  I’m not just talking about myself…

All of a sudden two friends have new lovers.  Several friends are taking on brand new projects.  Even the plants in our yard seem to brim over with an anxiety to “get going!” 

Is anyone else experiencing that?  Or do I just have premature spring fever?  Or am I just more aware FINALLY?!  or or or?


One response to “Spring Fever?

  1. I know what you mean. I think it’s because temps are over 50, so we are fooled into thinking spring is around the corner. February will set us straight. It will get cold and not be good for all those things that are sprouting out of the ground now.

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