I’m a Dirty Girl!

Yes I have Spring Fever –  some may think it’s not SPRING yet, but it MUST be!  (Thank-you Divine Creator for “El Nino!” )  The birds are out (and so are my 4 cats) the trees are leafing out, the  forsythia, hyacinth and daffodils are blooming,  AND my allergies are in full bloom.

I have already MOWED my lawn – the earliest in history!  And I probably will need to AGAIN in a few days.

AND most importantly, my BEAUTIFUL DIRT has arrived – 13 cubic yards.  One pile of Smit’s compost and another of their soil mix, all organic, too.  My drive-way is smothered with it, and I can’t wait to start slinging the dirt.  My friends are now starting to question just how much dirt my yard requires.  My answer is “A LOT!” – every year!

The sun toasted the yard for several hours today and I jumped into action.  The weeds are slipping out of their beds easier every year – this compost is magic, soft, rich stuff.  If I work hard and fast enough, maybe I can even get a 2nd load this year toward the end of the “season” !!  And maybe I’ll lose another 15 or so pounds this season!  (Unfortunately, I did gain back a little bit of what was lost last summer.)

Stay tuned – maybe I’ll get around to some pictures when the sunshine becomes even more consistent.  If the weatherman can be trusted, after tomorrow’s showers — EIGHT DAYS of SUN!     Woo Hoo!


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