Night Moves . . .

It starts as a faint, human-sounding wail outside our bedroom door. Maybe it is just as we fall asleep, or midnight, perhaps 4:00 am. I will get weary of hearing it, get up and check to see if someone has left an orphan at the door this time, perhaps. I open the door, not seeing anything at first, but then, HA, a spotted furry creature swooshes past me, splotchy black and white with a most respectable tail. Each night, first he navigates to Russ’ side of the bed, then dives UNDER the dustruffle. We think he’s just checking – for what? Maybe boogey monsters? No, only dust bunnies there! But he must be sure…

After the underside of our bed passes inspection, the clickity clack of his eagle size talons as they make contact with the floor will cause anticipation for the next phase of our ritual. Then “plunk,” our invader will have lit upon the bed. It may take an eternity or just moments for our big scaredy-cat Domino to locate the perfect nest for his night. We wait somewhat anxiously for his decision. Will it be on top of one of us, wedged in between, curled up on a far corner, or snuggled up close? While Domino decides, a gentle motor hum fills the dark silence. Sometimes his own purr is so loud and rapid he scares himself! Startled, Domino’s snake-like hiss surprises us all. Soft cat breath may breeze across my face, or a extra long white whisker tickle on my arm lets me know he is very near.

 The activity winds down and at a certain point,

 a collective sigh emanates from each of us,

 as we each slip back into our dreams…


2 responses to “Night Moves . . .

  1. I love it. Please don’t let another year pass before we get the next installment. It’s so funny that he purrs loud enough to scare himself.

    Heloise came to sleep with me last night. She hasn’t done it for a long time. Poor kitty, she’s so skinny and old. Her purr is almost imperceptible, but I can feel it if I touch her throat.

    • Yes, it’s been a long while. Maybe I’ll write a bit about why I was so darned busy, that I couldn’t write ;-

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