Cave Creek Junction

Birdlike blooms quivering
     in the desert dusk,

as hordes of lizards crawl
    over pallid sands.

The women rack-up another set,
      joking, goofing off and waiting…

The cowboys,
     donning rhinestone studded shirts,
     and big hats – hitch the horses outside.

Another Friday night at
     the Horny Toad Bar and Grill…

With a wink and a nod to the real deal in
 Cave Creek AZ and using the 12 wordle-words in Sunday Whirl #20.


16 responses to “Cave Creek Junction

  1. Ha! I love your setting, and am so glad the words brought you bck to an old haunt. This piece still has me chuckling. It sounds like a great place to visit, if I ever hitch my pony in Cave Creek, it’ll be to that cactus leaning up against the Horny Toad. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a good meal to be had there! Great use of the wordle words and… thanks for the lovely comment on mine 🙂

  3. lol- That’s quite the name for a Friday night hangout. Thanks for the smiles.

  4. What fun! I could picture those cowboys, and I’d love to visit the “Horny Toad Bar and Grill.”

  5. magicalmysticalteacher

    You’ve certainly peopled the Horny Toad Bar and Grill with unforgettable characters!

    My Wordle 20

  6. You painted a vivid scene. A nice tale. I can see you were inspired.


  7. 🙂 I loved this.

    What a great use of the wordle words.

  8. Great poem, IslandCAT! I see I’m not the only one who ended up in a bar this week. 😉

  9. Lol – Horny Toad Bar and Gril. Talk about playing with words.
    Very good poem too.l

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