Dawn on Hales Passage

The latest wordle words from the Sunday Whirl.

Rusted-out glaze smears through
ragged clouds and the crystal crusted
mountain echoes that rosy hue
marking a fresh beginning.

Leaning from the edge of his craft,
the gnarly purse-seiner
straightens stretched webs –
the net’s necklace strung with floats
rolling over into the icy sea;
the little skiff dragging it ’round to bridge the gap ‘tween.
The bottom now prepared to be sewn up tight as a purse,
boiling and shimmering with terrified sardines.

The blades of eel-grass nod
and bide time with our fisher;
waiting for a flood of the
incoming and phosphorescent tide .


20 responses to “Dawn on Hales Passage

  1. Lovely use of the prompt. Always wondered how fishing nest worked, now I know!
    I did have a ‘like’ button on my blog but somehow the coding was corrupted and it was causing so many problems to folks who wanted to leave me comments and couldn’t, I did away with it but, am thinking of adding another one again. Thanks for the lovely comment. 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting. I have been having problems with leaving comments on several of the wordler sites this week. I wonder if something’s changed with Norton antivirus?

  2. Very effectively wordled. I really liked the last stanza.

  3. Such vivid description…

    “straightens stretched webs –
    the net’s necklace strung with floats
    rolling over into the icy sea;”

    “The bottom now prepared to be sewn up tight as a purse,
    boiling and shimmering with terrified sardines.”

    You have used the wordle words to really good effect here!

    Well wordled. 🙂

    • Thanks Susannah! I keep trying to write more emotive poems and end up writing about what I see. I guess I’m more visual than emotional. Anyhow, I’m glad you enjoyed my words this week. See you next week, I hope!

  4. A wonderful piece with some great imagery.
    I particularly liked the image of the net as a purse capturing – boiling and shimmering – terrified sardines.
    A great read. Thank you.

  5. Terrific poem; very descriptive, and I like how you included the POVs of the fisher, the fish and even the marine plant life. 🙂

  6. Take the everyday, focus on something small, make it important and turn it into verse. Beautifully done.

  7. The best part was rhyming sardines with ‘tween. For me it was; made me laugh and that’s Good!

  8. love the message in it, along with well sought lines.

    a job well done.


  9. Great fishing story!! I liked the luring and biding time for the catch!!
    “phosphorescent tide” is a lovely description and great imagery!! Love stories connected with the seas from around the world!!

  10. Thank you for this great story poem. I love the images it evokes, and appreciate the one you provided, too. My grandparents fished all the time. Your piece was a bit nostalgic for me, and it was a nice place to go. An excellent contribution!

  11. Thanks for you comment on mine. I’m glad it helps you to know there are others, and no, we never truly get over it. I cannot imagine the pain you have in your heart over losing your son especially the way that you did.
    Just try to think that he has moved on into another life and added to the beautiful light once more.

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