Coral tinged fingers of his stamens
pointed motionlessly with eloquent
yet fragile strength toward the brilliant sky.
As Spring rapidly swiveled into Summer,
the bloom anticipated
the cleaning of his filaments and anthers –
the precious pollen and nectar must be shared.
Safety and survival of his species
hung in the balance!
Where were the Bees?

Inspired by the words of the latest Sunday Whirl – Wordle #30


11 responses to “Florescence

  1. A beautiful poem. We’ve been in such a horrible drought in TX that the bees don’t have enough nectar this year… so sad.

  2. Awww this is lovely, makes me wish summer was still here now it’s starting to get colder.

  3. Gorgeous writing. Love “Spring rapidly swiveled into Summer.” I see we both used eloquent yet fragile strength! GMTA!

    • Thanks Marianne! I’ll have to go and re-read your poem. It’s always surprising how many different places the words take us, but even MORE so, when the words take us independently to the same place!!

  4. Really nice, I especially loved the line “As Spring rapidly swiveled into Summer”. What a lovely use of the wordle words and such a pleasure to read on this chilly morning!

  5. Lovely poem and a great theme for it too!! liked the way you used the wordle words to good effect, …..especially “bees” 😉

  6. I love the focus on the bees and the flowers. Beautiful.


  7. I love the title! Also, I was impressed to see that “stamen” and “anthers” were not on the Wordle – those were my favorite part, and they are not words you often see! Nice job tying them in.

    • Thanks Jessica! I usually do a little research (mostly with Miram-Webster on-line) while I’m writing. It’s surprising where it takes me. The title “got” my husband even (and he has a most wonderful vocabulary!) Thanks for visiting and I hope you stop by again.

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