I just started receiving my Social Security this year, so you could say I am a woman “of a certain age.”  My husband/mate of 20+ years lives with me, along with our 3 cats, 1 step-grand-cat, and last but not least, 1 old grand-dog.  I’ve had a (mostly) blessed life and am fortunate enough to be very healthy.  Some of my favorite things are gardening, cooking and eating, walking by the sea especially with the dog, reading, and playing Mah Jongg with my neighborhood friends.

My dream of dreams for many years was to live by the water, maybe even on a small idyllic island in the Pacific Northwest.  We stumbled upon this place where we now live, purely “by accident.”  (But are there ever really any accidents?)  I’m a “wanna be” Anne Morrow Lindberg wandering the coastline and writing my heart out on paper (more like computer screen.)

Here I am now happily retired and I do like to write.  I spent many of my professional years  writing technical instructions, white papers, business plans, step-by-steps – not very creative.  “Creative” writing is an enjoyable challenge for me. 

Blogging is a mix of a little technical and plenty of room for creativity, along with space to find my own creative writing voice.  Focus is something I can’t seem to find (yet) as I blog, so I’ll just keep on keeping on until I sort it all out.  We’ll see what emerges… compelling me to author yet another blog article!!  Maybe I’ll even try a little fiction?!

Note:  the heading picture is one I took from our west-facing yard here on Lummi Island.