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Summertime sister
Croquet wine and barbecue
Good memories there



Wintertime sister
Much cold in ice and deep snow
Good warm food for soul


By Cindy Klugiewicz, my baby sister
© 2009


Elegy for Joshua


dark house. the phone rings.
who is this voice from the past?
“sit down – Josh is dead.”


spiritual void
the magic potion fixed.
needle on the sill.


“i’m empty inside”
he said unconvincingly.
“meth is miraculous.”


rehab, recover
rehab, recover, again.
does it ever end? 


then he could not sleep
cocktail of drugs did not work.
oh no…not a gun


elegy for Josh
broken pieces of my heart.
i cry, laugh, then sigh…


the fleeting past “nows”
haphazardly in my brain
time to record them


flickering golden space
brims with precious memories.
much joy, such sadness


“here are his ashes,”
his father said. “you get half.’
now he is in grandma’s cookie jar


but he is not here
but gone to the other side.
his pain has ended.


will it really heal –
my memories recalled?
and life does go on…


so I dig deeper
an attempt to recall all.
oh is it too much?


LOVE heals the sorrow
remembering happy times.
a son – his mother.


by Catherine Thompson in memory of Joshua Mills 1973-2007
© 2009