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I Guess I’ll Have to Go Shopping!!

For the first time in recent history, I hit a NEW ALL TIME LOW IN WEIGHT this morning!

And I now fit into my SIZE 6 “goal jeans” I bought months ago!!  I now don’t have much that fits me, pants-wise.  I really do have to go shopping before my Autumn trip to visit my sister Janet and cousin Susan in upstate NY.

Keep in mind that I’m short – a little shy of 5’4″

Late last year, I was hitting the scales at 170 pounds after some major depression issues and couldn’t fit into my clothes.  I gained 10 pounds in less than a month!  I broke down and bought a couple “size ups” in jeans, so I could get by.  I didn’t want to invest in any more of THAT size!!  I didn’t feel good, nothing fit properly, and I had no stamina.

I”d tried dieting, major exercising – let’s say it just really pissed me off.  Years ago I USED to be TOO THIN!!  Nothing was working to get this weight off.  The harder I tried, the angrier I got.  I knew my attitude about it all was part of the problem.  But what to do?   

I found a combination of things that worked for me, and you’ll hear all about it right here for FREE! 

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  • I decided upon a food plan that emphasized foods you CAN eat and I actually like.  This is the Mediterranean Diet.  It includes things like chocolate and wine, and many very delicious foods.  It’s a balanced approach, emphasizing vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lesser amounts of meats.
  • I started drinking lots more water.
  • I cleaned out my cupboards and refrigerator – got rid of foods not “on the plan.”
  • I started taking flaxseed oil capsules.  I read about a couple studies where people intaking more omega 3’s didn’t suffer from stress as they did before.  I felf my stress reaction was contributing to my weight gain.
  • I tried self hypnosis for the 1st time.  It’s a lot like guided imagery and it has changed my relationship with food forever.  I ordered a set of CDs by Dr. Roberta Temes: Enjoying Weight Loss.  I listened to each session for 3 days.  At the end of 3 weeks, I was very pleased with both my food plan and new concepts about eating.  The sessions were relaxing and not at all woo-woo.
  • I received another self hypnosis CD, Mental Toughness for free with my order.  It helped support my goal:  eat right, get fit, and wear a size 6 (just right for my height.)
  • I bought a pair of SIZE 6 JEANS and hung them on the back of my bathroom door to inspire me.  I tried them on when I first got them – I couldn’t even get them up over my hips!
  • My sister Cindy recommended and gave me the book, “French Women Don’t Get Fat – The Secret of Eating for Pleasure”  after she heard about my plans.  In the book is a “Miracle Soup” that helped me lose 4 pounds the 1st time, and 2 pounds the second time.  These are pounds that stayed off.  The author supports many of the points that were part of the self hypnosis program – very in sync.
  • I started gardening and walking.  And I mean A LOT!  These are things I actually LIKE to do!  I got a new electric mower and I mow not only our yard, but our neighbors – cheaper than a gym.  I got my wonderful 11 cubic yards of dirt and am moving it all over the yard.  We brought in truckloads of rock and I made a flagstone patio and put in garden terraces.
  • I decided NOT to have a target weight, but a target size.  It turned out that if I get a lot of exercise, I might weigh more, but still be smaller.  For instance, when I was younger I weighed 135 and wore a size 6.  Now I weigh more AND am a more fit, size 6.
  • I decided upon a REWARD for attaining my goal (besides feeling better and getting new clothes) and it would be a trip to France.  So now, I’m learning French, too – oh la la! 

All tolled, I’ve now lost 18 pounds and over 1/3 of my body fat, as measured by my Tanita scale!  I’ve gone down 3-4 sizes, depending upon the manufacturer.  I feel an energy level I thought was impossible at age 60+ and am much more fit than when I was young and thin!

And the really good news is that I still love to eat.  I realize that I am full much sooner than I think I am.  To live a healthy rest-of-my-life, I CAN use a combination of portion control, making healthy delicious food choices, drinking lots of water, and expending energy in ways I enjoy.