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Island Deer Rips Out Heart of Rare Rusty Heron

Yes, it’s true! 

Not only have the deer murdered our potatoes, tomatoes, even squash,
now they turned on my treasured heron created by Lummi Island artist, Candy Jones. 


CSI:  Lummi Island was on the scene and gathered forensic evidence…

2009-09-13 14-25-45_0001

Heron found by Russ Thompson 9/13/2009 @ 13:21

Notice prostrate heron and supporting evidence: 
     chomped down zucchini squash in background

Closeup of ripped out heart!

Closeup of ripped out heart!



The heron has a beautiful fragile glass heart, which wasn’t broken, but notice the torn heart-strings.





Heron up on her foot

Heron back up on her foot


 Although she suffered from cardiac arrest, it turned out she did still have a leg to stand on.


We’ll see if Candy can perform necessary cardiac surgery and perhaps Ms. Heron will be back to 100%.



The suspect remains on the loose and has yet to be identified.