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What happened to Spring?

May has almost run its course and now we have howling winds, rain, and dis-energizing grey skies.  At least I had the foresight to sneak in a quick mowing of the lawn yesterday during a break in the weather.  I did as much as I could before the mower ran out of juice, and the sky opened up, soaking me and the yard.  We’d been gone a mere four days, helping my sister move across and out of our state.  Our lawn was clipped nice and short before we left.  It was about 6 inches tall upon our return!  We can mow at least twice a week this time of year.

Boise ID was about 85 degrees!  Ah, such warmth for our tired-of-driving-for-two-days bones!  On the return trip, we made a stop in Yakima WA  for a little sip of Wine Country and a stay at the Rosedell B&B.  Paul and Holly, owners and restorers of our inn for the evening, made us feel very welcome.   They shared their story and pictures of the renovation of their museum-quality mansion – now this Bed and Breakfast.  Toasty warm air – almost Summer, we thought.  We found Windy Point Vineyards just before they closed that evening.  We had time to taste and purchase some of their award winning wines.  Atop their hill we could gaze upon fruit trees and vineyards as far as we could see.  Before turning in for the evening, we had some of the best Mexican food at Santiago’s for dinner in the “corkage-fee free zone” of old-town Yakima (we could drink a bottle of our newly acquired Yakima wine, without being charged for having it opened.)

As we left Yakima the next morning, it started sprinkling, then pouring.  We took Paul’s recommended scenic route, to avoid I-90 road construction delays.  What a surprise to have almost-snow falling on us at the summit!  Brrr!  SEVEN hours later we were home!  Those scenic drives can take twice as long, can’t they?!

After a flurry of getting caught up activity yesterday, I feel restless and yearn for sun – it does peek out once in a while.  I don’t really want to do any more laundry and bill paying!  Outside is where I belong now!

The electric mower I bought last summer is recharging and I see a green light – maybe I can sneak out and finish up the mowing, if the winds have been strong enough to dry out the rain soggy lawn.  I call it a lawn – when we moved here, it was at least a couple feet tall – a tiny meadow of weeds.  Several years, a couple of weed-eaters and lawn mowers later, we have coaxed it into behaving more lawn-like.  Great for croquet, an island style (curvey, hilly, dandelion pock marked) course.  And then a few years back, after getting the so called lawn under control, we cut out huge chunks of it to develop flower beds. 

My bliss is found most often in the garden.  I’ve almost accepted that I *must* rush out into the yard, whenever the weather permits.  You never know when the next opportunity might arise (or not) … 

OK, I’m going to go for it – I see a break in the clouds!!


Spring Fever?

Usually with the NEW year, I get a little burst of energy – enough to help me actually gain momentum on some of those inevitable resolutions.  But this year it is so much MORE pronounced!  I’m not just talking about myself…

All of a sudden two friends have new lovers.  Several friends are taking on brand new projects.  Even the plants in our yard seem to brim over with an anxiety to “get going!” 

Is anyone else experiencing that?  Or do I just have premature spring fever?  Or am I just more aware FINALLY?!  or or or?